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An Eye For Turning Your Vision Into Video

Visual media is all around us, it’s something that you can’t escape. So we embrace it. From helping you develop a concept, to Final post production, we can take care of everything. Creativity is something that everybody has, we want to help you find your stride

Tell Your Story With More than Just Words

Red Lama is a video production company specializing in Brand Video development, Commercials, Social Media Video, Interview Promos and Artistic Creation Ventures. We work with a range of companies and individuals to help them stand out and get their message out on digital platforms. From small Social Media Campaigns to large Branded Commercials, we’ve had our hand in a lot of interesting pots.  

We combine years of experience and countless hours of shooting and editing, to help you jump to the front of the pack. Taking a camera and pushing record is easy, making sure you don’t look like everyone else is the tough part, that’s what we do, we make you stand out.

Visual Story Telling

One of our missions is to always be doing something new.  We don’t like becoming stagnant.  We always try and push our content into something that’s new and creative, not just what everyone else is doing.  We try and make our projects more than just pretty moving images.  We want them to evoke emotion and draw somebody in, we never want to lose the magic video can create.


Drone Production

Aerial Photography is cool, there’s no way around it, it just looks amazing.  However, adding it to a project can be complicated if you don’t have the right training and certifications.  Don’t worry, we do

Everything You Need In One Place

Video Production

From concept, pre-production and shooting, big or small, we have the tools and knowledge to help you deliver.

Video Editing

We have people and resources to help complete projects of all sizes.  Whether you need quick social media cuts, or a larger long form piece.

Gear and Equipment

We have access to industry standard cameras, lighting and grip.  Even if you just need some advice, we are here to help.

Some of our Clients

Social Video Projects

Lifestyle Video Projects

Food Video Projects

Corporate Video Projects


Business Highlight Videos 

Narrative Driven

Music Videos

The Red Lama Media Team

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones


Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Creative Director/DOP

Adams Townsend

Adams Townsend

Creative Producer

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